The journey of a
thousand miles
begins with a
single step.

Complete Restoration in Christ
Sharing the Truly "Good News"
of Jesus Christ
Rev. Dennis D. Caldwell
If your like me you will remember a face
quicker than you will a name. So here I
am in my study, If you see me on the
street stop and say hey. By the way,
sometimes I have hair and sometimes I
don't. I don't know if it's seasonal or
moody. LOL
I presently have a list of people that will
attend a ministry of this type to teach this
message Universal Restoration in this
area. Starting a Church, house church or
Bible study using the book "hope beyond
hell" and it's study guide as a work book,
or the "Church in the now" "School of the
Bible series" . I already have these
materials available and can get more I
want God to speak to the hearts of
others about this individually. I want this
to be a "God thing" not a Dennis thing.
One will surely be successful and the
other will surely fall on its face. I think
you know which is which. God is going to
do a work in this area with this message
and we are just going to join Him. If you
would be interested we may have it on
just about any time of the week
You do
not have to quit your church if you
attend .
Just contact me and I will add
you to the list. Pray about what God
would have you to do.
You can contact me at:            

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We are all on a journey to God; where are you?
My Lovely wife Janet and me
Pro 22:21 GNB  and will teach you what the truth really is. Then when
you are sent to find it out, you will bring back the right answer
Heb 11:8  
By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out
into a place which he was afterward going to receive for
an inheritance. And he went out,
not knowing where he went.
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My Journey into the Truth

My Journey into the truth has been
a long one. I guess I attended, was
a member of, fellowshipped with, or
seriously studied about every flavor
of Christianity there is out there;
plus many other religions just out of
curiosity about what they believed
about God. Not that I ever doubted
or lost faith in Jesus Christ. I could
just see the sincerity of these
people and I wanted to know why
they believed what they did. I have
always from a child had an
insatiable desire to know; especially
about the things of God. God has
given me the unusual ability to sit
for hours and even days searching
out the things of God. This is
definitely a gift from God. It has
been brought to my attention that
this is not normal LOL J Even after
answering the call to preach and
becoming an associate Pastor there
were many things that did not make
sense to me and did not add up. I
had too many questions without
answers. And believe me I question
EVERYTHING! I remember when I
was very young asking my
Grandfather (who knew more about
the bible than anyone I knew) “Paw
if the payment for sin is eternal
torment in hell and Jesus paid the
price for us, how come he is not
there still being tormented” of
course his answer was that the
payment was death as the bible
says. I found out later that he knew
more of the truth than he was ready
to tell me at the time. Well after
doing my own hard headed studying
for years becoming a pastor and
being told what to teach was quite a
dance around the coals if you know
what I mean. So I did a lot of church
hopping and ministering at different
levels in different places always
conveniently avoiding all those
subjects that I knew had very severe
problems doctrinally and
theologically. Like hell, the rapture,
the tribulation, 'leading' someone in
a “sinners prayer” I had always
known for many years that
something was missing, something
was wrong. That’s why I studied so
many different denominations and
religions. I knew God could not love
everyone and be all-powerful and
all-knowing and let the devil win with
such an overwhelming majority.
That would be a slap in the face of
the sovereignty, power, and love of
God. The Spirit of God inside of me
was telling me this was not right!
After exhausting every resource I
could find on my own; I gave up and
said OK God I give up! I have to
know the truth no matter what it is or
what I have to go through or what it
cost me. Very soon after that I came
across this wonderful message of the reconciliation of all things and eventual
salvation of all. That God was completely victorious through Christ Jesus, He would
lose nothing and restore all that was lost. I wanted to shout it from the house top.
But being a minister and knowing what it was going to cost me if I came out in the
open with this I studied it intensely for a year before I said anything to anyone, by
then I could hold back no longer, no matter what the cost this was too good to keep
to myself. Besides that the Bible plainly says there will be judgment for those that
hold back the truth. And this has definitely proven to be the truth almost too
wonderful to conceive of. That is if you don't factor in just how awesome and
wonderful our God and Savior is. More than the finite human mind can take in from
our infinite God, yet it can be revealed by the Spirit of God. More Love, More
Grace, More Power, More Genius Planning than the natural man can take in. God
simply is God and he loves and cares for us ALL more than we could ever imagine
or appreciate enough. I can see clearly now that even in the tough times our loving
heavenly Father is working for our good. He will let you see it if you search for HIM
with all your heart. I am now ordained under NOW MINISTRIES and Bishop Swilley
of the ICCC and I'm going to do what ever I can to get this message to as many as
The Father Gives me… May God Bless you on your personal journey in the
knowledge of our Awesome, wonderful God, Savior and Friend Jesus The Christ!

                                                              Rev. Dennis D. Caldwell